Pressing Forward

I have heard it said, “You cannot move forward when you are facing backward.”  Our past can be a powerful teacher and motivator for moving forward, but can act as a roadblock if our focus is behind us instead of ahead of us.  Learn important information on identifying character strengths and how to use your strengths to move forward in a positive direction.  You can improve your well-being with the practical application of goal setting to work through challenges. The power of perspective and perseverance can be applied to cultivate change and growth and to press on through life’s challenges.


Just Press on

Melanie J. Holt is a licensed mental health counselor, coach, educator, and speaker using positive psychology and goals to cultivate balance in life and to encourage people to find ways to press on through life’s challenges.  She works with groups, companies and individuals age 12 and up.


The Process

Melanie provides online counseling services through a private HIPPA compliment platform called Theraplatform.  All sessions are conducted through online web conferencing.

Melanie uses her experience, observations, and research to share ideas on how to build strengths, cultivate perseverance, goal-setting, self-regulation, confidence, patience, and other ideas to work with the following challenges:


Anxiety is a normal part of life, but can shut us down when not managed properly.  Learn more aboutanxiety and stress.  Identify appropriate tools to manage and decrease anxiety.

Generating personal self-worth can be challenging especially in a world full of comparison.  Lack of self-worth can impact our overall well-being.  Learn more about generating personal self-worth and how to cultivate it throughout life.

Grief can result from any type of loss and is not something we “get over” but something we grow around.  Grief is very individual and unique and though there is no solution to grief there are coping mechanisms that may be helpful throughout the grieving process.

Technology is a remarkable tool in our modern world.  However, when technology use is out of balance challenges and problems may arise.  Learn more about the impact of technology and how to create goals to manage technology wisely.