Pressing Forward

My Story:

I was a stay at home mom raising four kids and loving every minute of it when my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia.  It threw a wrench into our lives we were not expecting.

While sitting in the treatment room during his chemotherapy I was inspired by individuals of all ages fighting for their lives.  I knew then I wanted to join the team of helping people living with cancer, struggling with loss, and trying to find balance in a new reality.  

After my husband won his battle with cancer I did something I always wanted to do, but never felt I could.  I went to graduate school. With the encouragement of my husband and children I completed my degree in mental health counseling.  I entered the field and began working with individuals who had suffered loss. I was amazed to see the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity and trauma.  

I quickly realized my passion in the field of mental health did not lie in traditional counseling but in educating individuals who were experiencing challenges.  Sharing knowledge and information is one way I hope to help empower individuals as they move forward with a determination to improve well-being, grow through adversity, and find joy in life.  

I hope that individuals will find the courage to press on as they gain greater education and knowledge through whatever they are facing in life.


Just Press on

Melanie Holt is a licensed mental health counselor, educator, and speaker. She believes in the power of education in understanding mental health.  Her primary focus is using positive psychology, research, and other psychoeducational materials to teach individuals important information for pressing on through life’s challenges.  



Melanie uses her experience, observations, and research to educate individuals on how to build strengths, cultivate perseverance, set goals, and learn information and ideas to work with the following challenges:


Anxiety is a normal part of life, but can shut us down when not managed properly.  Learn more about anxiety and stress.  Identify appropriate tools to manage and decrease anxiety.

Generating personal self-worth can be challenging especially in a world full of comparison.  Lack of self-worth can impact our overall well-being.  Learn more about generating personal self-worth and how to cultivate it throughout life.

Grief can result from any type of loss and is not something we “get over” but something we grow around.  Grief is very individual and unique and though there is no solution to grief there are coping mechanisms that may be helpful throughout the grieving process.

Technology is a remarkable tool in our modern world.  However, when technology use is out of balance challenges and problems may arise.  Learn more about the impact of technology and how to create goals to manage technology wisely. 


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